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Through this work of art, Faten Rouissi gives a peak at the alarming situation of children victims of wars, migrations, shipwrecks ... An open eye at the children of the Arab world today.


Through L’Aboyeur (the Barker), Faten Rouissi created a character and narrated his story. A project that has marked the power of the Media and Barkers in all democracies.



"The Unsaid that I express"
Faten Rouissi
An upcoming solo-show for Oct/Nov 2022
Personal exhibition at La Galerie Mille Feuilles-Mille Feuilles Gallery - La Marsa


Work by Faten Rouissi in the lobby of the Hotel Dress Code & Spa in Paris

Faten is preparing her new project after all the events of these recent years inTunisia. "The poverty of political messages and the lack of civility are increasingly invading tunisian society, to leave room for emptiness". A vision of the artist Faten
Rouissi to reflect this situation! Stay tuned for more information/announcements.
Exhibition curator: Aude Minart, Director of the La Galerie Africaine - African Gallery, Paris.

“Portait de groupe” by Faten Rouissi- Work of 1.60 x 1.80 m- Assembly of shirts on wood -Acquisition of the Dress Code & Spa Hotel in Paris. Check it on !

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Art Work by Faten Rouissi on book cover

Faten Rouissi’s work “Entourage mouvementé” was chosen by the researcher and
sociologist Abdesselem Mahmoud for the cover of his new book « Inégalités complexes
face à un avenir incertain. Quelle résilience ? » (Complex inequalities facing an uncertain
future. What resilience ?)- Edition: L’Harmattan - Paris

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Big Formats for La Villa SN in Carthage by Faten Rouissi

The SN Villa in Carthage is ornemented with a series of big paintings on canvas, 1.6 to 2.5 m high. A private order placed with the artist.

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